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Edna's Poetry

Who will watch the world
on a fine sunny morning
when I am gone?

written April 7, 2006.

Two ladies have gone out together to light fires beneath their noses.

added October 31, 2008.

Limited minds gather together and crowd out superior ones.

My day shall soon be ended and what of good shall I have left behind?

added October 12, 2008.

When is it right and proper to end respect for aging seniors?

Remember not to take the next step until the first one is secured.

Be certain that what you want for a child is right for the child.

added May 26, 2008.

Art is an emotional expression triggered by sight, sense, or sound.

added May 1, 2008.

Your life will be successful to the degree that you believe in yourself.

added Dec. 14, 2007.

Without greed I claim my share of the universal spirit.

Do butterflies suffer needless pain when scales are removed from their wings?

added Dec. 8, 2007.

I held back from living
Expecting the nays.
How very foolish,
How utterly silly.
The yays that I needed
And longed for
Were always there
All ready and waiting.
I just had to listen.

I have discovered that I know only that which I experience.

Remember helping is one thing; intervening is something else.

Unfortunately for me my interests far exceed my spaces.

From where else for the approval of the self but from within that self.

I feel that I am part of every five-year-old child-heart I have ever met.

The best way to help our world is to continually send it love.

Art is an emotional expression triggered by sight or sound.

Everyone has a need to be accepted by society.

I thank God for my beautiful brain with its excellent connections.

Compose is all together with a purpose; content is all within.

At my time of life my only value is in what I can give.

I found these words in a book by Marcus Bach:
"God hid his Divinity within us as Life Itself and we have failed to comprehend or live the greatness of it."

In September 2003 I began to lock every troubling thought away in a seventeen-syllable Haiku form.

Edna Aedy, Oct. 23, 2007.

added November 2, 2007.

My God and I have always been friends. I cannot risk a change in thought.

I speak in a language difficult to understand and not well known.

I think in a language not well known and difficult to understand.

God's life flows as a healing stream through every part of my body.

Food does you more good if you are contented while you are eating it.

A telepathic message receptor is in my nervous system.

Thinking is now linking Xray damage with that of Hiroshima.

Life gave me many choices and the easiest was not always the best.

added June 20, 2007.

Brain is a marvelous computer. It materializes thought.

Computer brain acts on all thoughts be they positive or negative.

Love is the way to go but war is the absolute antithesis.

Be second rate and a crowd will follow. Surpass and you'll be alone.

Am I a small and insignificant part of a tremendous whole?

I am a necessary ingredient in the whole's completion.

added June 17, 2007.

"Keep your Kleenex pocketed until the right receptacle is found."

June 5, 2007.

"With too many events to respond to bewilderment may set in."

May 29, 2007.

"In fear it pays to tap into the courage surrounding others."

May 9, 2007.

"How wonderful are we to anticipate the needs of another."

May 2, 2007.

"Your welcome smile is a blessing when no sunshine gleams the morning sky."

April 10, 2007.

"As you age insistent help may often come with other points of view."

April 7, 2007.

"My mind is clear but I find my aged body won't follow the rules."

March 30, 2007.

"As I age I find I am fast becoming grist for another person's mill."

March 22, 2007.

"God's direct messages carry more power than those that are relayed."

"I Know you're lying for below your smiling eyes your lips are moving."

"Look not afar for the life force but within yourself where it dwells."

"Acceptance is the only way to resolve the inevitable."

"Does a feeling of superiority cause us to help others?

March 21, 2007.

"In spite of years of study and research there is still no cure for death."

"Lucky is the old one who is respected for love given and returned."

March 6, 2007.

"It is difficult for tidy minds to understand creative ones."

"Each person within himself has the ultimate answer, respect him."

"I must make haste to gather the spirit ere the body falls apart."

"Is it possible that my mind may perceive more than it can process?"

"I am awake and alive and it's sunny, what more could I wish for."

"Often helping hands delight in moving things to places they prefer."

February 11, 2007.

"Too often my desires have been overruled by non-thinking others."

January 12, 2007.

"To be ignored is almost the same as being extinguished."

"I give no priority to tidyness; I need space to expand."

November 12, 2006.

"Great thinkers discover the ability to tap the supreme source."

"When tempted to think of changing the known to the unknown take great care."

"Aging does not always include considerable loss of marbles."

"The more we use the exercise to think the more it will develop."

"Never interfere with the plans of the great one who governs wisely."

October 24, 2006.

"Fear is a dark room in which negatives are gathered and developed."

"There are as many ways of reaching God as there are arms outstretching."

" Is it fear that causes togetherness without thought of tomorrow?"

"Is all life, whatever it is, part of the oneness we know naught?"

"A thought arises - I came and they knew me not - until Hollyhock."

"My personal unit of Universal Spirit is important."

"I retreat when I sense someone else is trying to push my buttons."

"How did God's primeval forests survive with no aid from clever man?"

"I have known the dread of winter's arrival when streets pile high with snow."

"Thoughts from one can change another. Let them be helpful. Let them be pure."

"I know the way that I must go and no one else need to tell me so."

"Too many living off the avails of too few. More help is needed."

"When I sense fear, and I see myself as cause, I say thank you and go."

"I am always preparing for a life I seldom experience."

"Often I forget I cannot walk then I just get up and move me."

"A band of knowing is floating nearby. You can catch it if you try."

"I take regard for the creatures around me however small they be."

"I am preparing my portfolio for a coming event."

"Tuesday will complete eighty - seven years on this planet."

"Not yet at the age of senility my doctor is expecting."

"A time and a place for everything and nothing ever in it."

"Without the persistence of my Guardian Angel I could not be."

"I am so grateful to Mary who allowed me to love her wee bairns."

"With interest in so many things my life and cupboards are kept full."

"All my life, it seems, someone has been trying to live my life for me."

"I have difficulty understanding those with IQ's below mine."

"Is there a spirit within which is in touch with all spirit without?"

"I have withdrawn from creating and sit in the midst of disorder."

"My personal unit of Universal Spirit is important."

"I send my love to those who cared and also those who knew not how but tried."

"With joy a child will trace a picture on wave-washed sand with just a twig."

"I have lived forever outside of life now I am very angry."

"Five year old Katy has thought of a way to help save a lost orca."

"My life has been one traumatizing event-for-growth after another."

"Angels are all around us just waiting for our acknowledgement."

"Just a tiny negative thought will raise the drawbridge and bar the good."

"Soul is an individualization out of available spirit."

"What if some of the truths I believe are simply man's concoctions."

"Family matters will persist if they are not searched out and dealt with."

"Challenges may arise as important opportunities for growth."

"Where is the mind of a plant, particularily one that wants to climb?"

"Is it our task to act as conduits for incoming messages?"

"Have I been obsessed so long with thoughts of death that I have missed living?"


How much of aloneness
have I brought upon myself?
How much was programmed for me
from my beginning?
How much was the way for me to go
preordainedly planned?
Events have been cruel.
It is not that I caused them,
nor that they were planned.
Enough that I survived and am overcoming.

Edna Aedy, April 18, 1995

Northern Lights

Gleaming with unearthly light
Diaphorous sheers
Sensuously caress
The black abyss
of Heaven.

Edna Aedy, 2006


I search for a God I cannot see
A God who keeps eluding me

The evidence is everywhere
I only have to stop and stare

A flower in bloom
A child at play
A smiling face along the way

The clouds apart to let sun through
All there to beckon me and you
When we lose touch with signs like these
And feel alone upon our knees
Wanting wishes satisfied
In the ways that we have cried

We only have to pause a while
And feel within a quiet smile
Trusting, knowing all is well
In better ways than we can tell

Confrontation has to end
Love is all there is my friend

Edna Aedy, 1983


Listen to your own inner voice
It knows your truth
And will serve you well

Edna Aedy, 2002

Never To Be

Phantom children
all around me
yet unborn
never to be

Edna Aedy, Sept. 2003

Life Force

Divinely fueled
the wonder machine of life
beats relentlessly

Edna Aedy, Apr. 14, 2005


Dawn is approaching
there's joy in awakening
beyond darkest night

Edna Aedy, 2005

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